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2020 Mizmor Poetry Anthology 
Open for Submissions.
Annual Deadline: August 15
No Fee to Submit!

Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Award
Annual Deadline: January 15

The Anna Davidson Rosenberg 
Poetry Awards on the Jewish 
experience were established 
by Nedda Fratkin, Marvin Rosenberg 
and Violet Ginsburg in memory 
of their mother, Anna Rosenberg, 
née Davidson in 1987. 

Congratulations to all the 2019 ADRAward Winners

1st Place ($250.00)
"Love in the Diaspora" by Miriam Flock
Palo Alto, California

2nd Place ($150.00)
"From Rechavia" by Bruce Arlen Wasserman
Fort Collins, Colorado

3rd Place ($150.00)
"Don't Change My Name" by Sarah Sassoon 
Jerusalem, Israel

1st Honorable Mention ($75.00)
"Polar" Michele Rapoport
Tucson, Arizona

2nd Honorable Mention ($75.00)
"Our Country is On Fire" by Anna Jacobson
Queensland, Australia 

3rd Honorable Mention ($75.00)
"Beatrice" by Gloria g. Murray
Deer Park, New York

4th Honorable Mention ($75.00)
"Horseradish" by Scott Kinder-Pyle
Spokane, Washington


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