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2016 Poetry ADRAward
2017 Mizmor L'David Anthology

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Editors are currently
working on the 2O16 October/November edition.
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40 writers included in this edition, they are from
the U.S., England., Israel, Canada, Australia, Poland.


Joseph Baldi Acosta, Diana Anhalt, Anna Banasiak

Robin Barratt, Esther Schnur-Berlot , Irene Bloom

Eric Braude, Jared Chipkin, Maia Evrona

Gloria Greenbaum, David Greenstone, Patrick Hansel

Alan Harawitz, Marcia Jacobs, W. Luther Jett

Marilyn Johnston, Jacqueline Jules, Gary Kay

Barbara Krasner, Judith Lechner, Michael H. Levin

Gina Marie Mammano, Alan Meyrowitz, Jesse Morales

Joshua S. Orol, Steve Pollack, Deborah Saltman

Willa Schneberg, Karen Schulte, Sarah Shapiro

Beth SKMorris, Sheldon Soman, Gregg Spadafore

Michael Stone, Sandy Strauss, Keith Tornheim

Sara Wenger, Dov Weinman, Lenore Weiss, Carol Weliky

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