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 Contemporary Jewish Writing

2016 Anna Davidson Rosenberg Award
 Final Judge: Daniel Pravda
Congratulations to ALL the Winners
Special Print Collection - July 2017

          1st Place ($250.00)
“As Foretold and Retold to Sara's Therapist” by Ellen Sazzman
(Potomac, Maryland)

          2nd Place ($150.00)

“The Tzuba Hills Sunset Hike” by Marjorie Thomsen
(Cambridge, Massachusetts)

          3rd Place ($150.00)

“The First Time I Peed in the River Jordan” by Pinny Bulman
(Bronx, New York)

          1st Honorable Mention ($75.00)

“My Father and I Observe the Passover Exodus” by Ellen Sazzman
(Potomac, Maryland)

          2nd Honorable Mention ($75.00)
"R U OK" by Aviva Siegel
(Denver, Colorado)

          3rd Honorable Mention ($75.00)
“Smelling Salts” by Pinny Bulman
(Bronx, New York)

          4th Honorable Mention ($75.00)
“Rock” by Pinny Bulman
(Bronx, New York)

          Finalists ($18.00)

“Afterlife” by Michael H. Levin (Washington, District of Columbia)

“Apples and Pomegranates” by Ilene Millman (Hillsborough, New Jersey)

“At St. Joseph's Oratory” by Gina Roitman (Quebec, Canada)

“Beit” by Tiferet (Twilla) Welch (Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada)

“Bronx, Née Warszawa” by Ted Eisenberg (North Caldwell, New Jersey)

“Flashback” by Ricky Rapoport Friesem (Rehovot, Israel)

“Holiest Night” by Marjorie Thomsen (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

“Leshon HaKodesh” by Mara Koslen (Sebastopol, California)

“Phantom Limbs” by Michael H. Levin (Washington, District of Columbia)

“Ruth on Ruth” by Ruth Resch (Ashland, Oregon)

“Shiva” by John Klingler (Washington, District of Columbia)

“Sinkholes (Yam Hamelach)” by Pinny Bulman (Bronx, New York)

“Steel Joy” by Michael H. Levin (Washington, District of Columbia)

“The 9th of Av” by Tiferet (Twilla) Welch (British Columbia, Canada)

“The Foundations of Love” by Ruth Resch (Ashland, Oregon)

“The Gathering” by Beth Mills (Palo Alto, California)

“The Woman in Gold after Gustav Klimt” by Tali Kuhel (New York, New York)

“When You Enter” by Miriam Jacobs (Atlanta, Georgia)

“Yerushalmi” by Simon Constam (Toronto, Canada)

2O16 October Edition.
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40 writers included in this edition, they are from
the U.S., England., Israel, Canada, Australia, Poland.
Cover Art: Tobia Rava (Italy)

Dear Friends and Fans of Poetica Magazine

Poetica Magazine, in its present form, is going on a hiatus of undetermined duration. Visiting editors and longtime editor, Michal Mahgerefteh, agreed that at this time, the financial viability of producing three print editions a year is no longer a possibility. While there has been much encouragement and praise for the magazine, financial support is light. HOWEVER, the editors will continue to manage the Anna Davidson Rosenberg Poetry Award and will work on developing and producing a new annual anthology under the title, MIZMOR L’DAVID ANTHOLOGY, currently open for submissions.